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Yoda is de UU-brede datamanagementoplossing. Gebruik hiervan heeft een sterke voorkeur. Onderzoekers kunnen (liefst beargumenteerd) evt. ook andere datamanagementoplossingen gebruiken. Yoda wordt door het Research IT programma UU ontwikkeld.

Wat is Yoda?[bewerken]

With Yoda your research group can:

  • save, manage and share large amounts of data in a cost-effective way, both during and after your research project;
  • add value to your data by making it findable and reusable while preserving intellectual property;
  • ensure that your research is verifiable and reproducible.
  • monitor the integrity of the data and document data use during all steps of your research project.

Yoda offers a complete set of functions to implement your data management. The main ones are:

  • Data is stored in a safe where it can not be changed or deleted. Encrypted replicas are archived outside the institution by EUDAT, the European research data infrastructure;
  • Data is grouped into data sets defined per user group and which can be enriched with metadata;
  • Persistent keys are created to make your data sets citable;
  • Versions of the datasets can be kept in order to monitor the use of data during all phases of the research;
  • User management tools can be used to authorize internal and external users to use your datasets;
  • Your data is accessible as a network drive (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) wherever you are.

Doelen voor de UU in 2022[bewerken]

  • Yoda is open beschikbaar en wordt gedeeld met een open software licentie.

Ontwikkelingen binnen de UU[bewerken]

Voor ontwikkelingen zie Private:Data bij ITS-R&DMS#Yoda.

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